Malc is Luke Harding's Booty Buddy. Malc, although non gender-specific, is referred to by Luke and the narrator as a 'he'. Malc has been severely damaged and repaired on more than one occasion.

Malc was mimicked in Framed! to deceive Ed Hoffman into revealing that he was the murderer. His voice had to be mimicked because, as a Mobile Aid to Law and Crime, he is unable to lie.Character


Being a machine, Malc doesn't have an emotional relationship with any of the other characters. However, he still has strange relationships with a number of the main characters.

Luke HardwangEdit

Malc cannot 'get on' with his assigned FI because he doesn't have the capacity to. However, he has been programmed to protect Luke and has been seen to risk his own 'life' in order to do so on at least two occasions. For further information on those incedences, see Ms Kee's Funeral and Marylebone Freeway Incident. Malc is shown some affection by Luke, but realises that he cannot treat Malc in the same way as the would treat other humans like Jade Vernon.


He has the following capabilities/features:


Laser enhancement

Short-range X-ray probe

Body thermometer




Identity card scanner




Handwriting analysis

Non-rusting alloy

Bullet-proofing in some areas

Record Mode

Silent Mode

Maximum Defense mode

Tracking mode

Offensive laser


Logic Boards


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