Luke Harding
Character Information
Full Name Luke Harding
Age 16
Occupation Forensic Investigator
Place of Residence Nomadic
Paired With Georgia Bowie
(Although not of age yet and not officially ratified)
Family Members Elisa Harding
Peter Sachs
Kerryanne Harding
Unknown Aunt
Character Statistics
First Appearence Framed!

All information correct as of the character's most recent appearance in the series

Luke Harding is the main protagonist in the TRACES series. He is a sixteen year-old Forensic Investigator whose Mobile Aid to Law and Crime is Malc. Luke graduated from Birmingham School at the beginning of Framed!. So far he has solved seven cases of murder while still the youngest FI to ever qualify from school. He is shown to be disobidient to The Authorities and arrested on one occasion.


Character History


Lost Bullet

Roll Call

Double Check

Final Lap

Blood Brother

Murder Club


Luke often is mild tempered and is sarcastic. He eats pomegranates at almost any meal and is upset if he can't get any. His muscles are well developed and can run at speed unheard of even competing against a good runner Jed Jester.


Jade Vernon- He is in love with her, but he is an FI and she is a muscician so they cannot be paired together.

Malc- Luke likes Malc especially after all Malc has done for him.

Georgia Bowie- He likes, but does not want to spend the rest of his life with her

His Parents- He love's his parents but the only time they met was after Luke went to school, he had to interview them because his dad was the prime suspect


 I love him